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Welcome to the Homepage of:
The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book (PPIGB)
PPIGB Home by Thorsten Kraska

Institute for Plant Diseases, University of Bonn, Germany.

The server site is located at the Department of Horticulture, University of Hanover, Germany

The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book is a subject oriented internet resource guide for plant pathology, applied entomology, and all related fields. On these pages you will find plant pathology related internet sites and more useful resources. Choose a section of interest from the menu on the left. The pages will be updated frequently. So bookmark this site and visit it from time to time to see the new entries.

Current Web Contents: The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has choosen PPIGB for inclusion in the Current Web Contents (a collection of evaluated web sites). The honour was given to PPIGB in march 2000 for publishing important and high-quality material on the web.

The PPIGB Bookshop: See book recommendations, book listings by subject or search by keyword. You can order books online via direct access to amazon.com or amazon.de.

Last update of PPIGB:
March 27

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Featured Articles in Plant Pathology - a new series in PPIGB: in co-operation with the publisher "Spektrum der Wissenschaften" (the german counterpart of "Scientific American") articles covering plant pathological topics will be featured in PPIGB on a special page. It starts in October with an article on "Erntevernichtende Bio-Waffen" (Biological Warfare against Crops). I hope that the articles in English will follow soon. Go now to this new exciting feature in PPIGB: Featured Articles

EXPO2000: Sicherung der Welternährung, Modelle aus einer Europäischen Spitzenregion - effizient und umweltschonend.
Securing World´s Food Supply - Models from a European Top-Performing Region - Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Ways Forward.

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