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The data tag is used to specify the values plotted in the gnuplot tag (see "Authoring Dynamically Generated Plots" section Help). The data tag is only used in the Curve tag (see "Specifying Curves to Plot" section Help).

The data must be either a perl array, @X, or a comma separated list, such as "0.5,0.9,1.5, 2.4" (without quotes). 'NaN' is a valid value. Note the the "Y" values are entered in a separate array.

The function and number of data tags required varies based on the line style (see "Data and Line Styles" section Help) chosen for the curve. Some linestyles require extra arrays for supplemental information. In all cases the first data tag will hold the "X" values and the second will hold the "Y" values.

All of the data sets in the data tag must have the same number of elements.