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The gnuplot LON-CAPA tag allows an author to design a plot which will be created programatically at the time when it is requested for display by a student. This is intended for use in homework problems where a distinct plot should be rendered for each student. It can be used in conjunction with a script tag to generate curve data for random plots. If you are using static data a dynamically generated plot is not appropriate because of the overhead associated with generating the plot. In that case, use a picture (see "Adding Picture" section Help).

The easiset way to create a template for a gnuplot tag is to use the colorful problem editor, and select GnuPlot from the Insert dropdown menu. Thereafter the boxes may be filled using this documentation to assist you. By default, only the parent gnuplot tag and the child curve tag are created by when the plot is inserted into a problem using the colorful editor. Other tags can be added to decorate and polish your plot using the Insert: dropdown provided by the colorful editor.

The following gnuplot parameters may be set:

The parent gnuplot tag allows use of the following child tags (only the curve tag is added automatically when inserting with the colorful editor):