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Another way of creating Bridge Task is via the edit mode. The edit mode allows authors to create resources (including Bridge Tasks) online. The basic idea of the this editor is the author inserts and deletes different section types into the file to build the bridge task.

If a task file has already been created, click on the filename followed by the "Edit" button to open the file in the colorful editor.

If a task file needs to be created:

  1. Enter the filename in the area "Create a new directory or LON-CAPA document" with the combo box at the left of this set to "New File" The filename must have a .task extension.

  2. At the second screen, press continue to create a new task. At the third screen, select the blank task template and press the "Create task" button to create this blank task.

  3. To go into the the edit mode, press the "Edit" Button.

The edit mode allows you to insert appropriate sections of a document at certain predetermined places. For example, in a bridge task document, you can insert a question section, a criteria section, and an introductory section. To insert a section, find a drop down box with the label "Insert", and select the section to insert. Then click on the "Submit Changes and Edit" button. The section you selected will be inserted in place of the pull down menu.

Additional insert pull-downs will show up allowing you to insert sections before, inside, and after other sections. The choices on the pull down menu may differ depending on the location of the insert pull-down. For example, the insert pull down inside a question section contains question information; this option is not available anywhere else.

In the edit mode, you will see is an insert button and a optional task button. You will need to enter the number of optional tasks/questions that the student need to answer correctly to pass the bridge task. You can leave this field empty until after you have finished writing the whole bridge task.

This document discusses important sections needed to create a bridge task. These sections can be created in any order.

  1. The introductory and closing information Help

  2. Variables Help

  3. Question and criteria Help

Once the document has been created, the author must publish the bridge task so it becomes available (See Edit Mode Finishing Up Help)