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The "Course and Community Creation" menu provides access to a number of utilities which Domain Coordinators can use to either manage the process of course creation. An individual course or community can be created interactively by completing a web form which offers several choices for generating the new course or community:

Two types of course "containers" are currently available in LON-CAPA:

The key difference between the two is that the Coordinator of a Course may import any published resource into the course as long as he/she has access rights for it, whereas import into a Community is restricted to just those resources for which the Coordinator is the author, or a co-author. In addition, the names of standard roles in the two containers have different names: (Course Coordinator vs. Coordinator, Instructor vs. Leader, Teaching Assistant vs. Assistant Leader, Student vs. Member).

In addition to using a web form to create courses one-at-a-time, Domain Coordinators can upload an XML file containing descriptions of courses to create multiple courses, see: Batch Creation of Courses (Help). If the ability to request courses has been enabled, and certain course types have been set to require Domain Coordinator approval, then the "Approve or reject requests" item can be used to display a list of requests requiring approval. These may be approved or rejected. If a conduit has been established to an institutional data source which provides information about instructors of record, then the "View pending official course requests" may contain a list of requests for official courses, held pending validation. Validation can be attempted; if it still fails it is possible to override this and force creation of the course.

Lastly, there is access to a utility which can be used to display course and community creation history.