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Add composite pages to your Course Contents to combine separate content items together for display in a single web page. Composite pages can contain uploaded files, homework problems imported from the resource repository, and/or simple problems created using the problem editor. To add a composite page to your course, do the following:

The Course Editor screen will refresh, and the updated display will include the name of the new page appended to the end of the breadcrumb trail, that extends below the Main Content tab. The page is currently empty. Add new resources to the page as you would add resources to a Folder or to the "top-level" Main Content area (Help), except that only a subset of the items in the "Other" tab that may be placed in a folder, are available for placing in a composite page. Also, if you use "Import" to include a published sequence in a page; then when the page is displayed; the sequence will open and all of its contents appear as elements of the composite page (i.e., no "folder" will appear in the page). If you wish to be able to hide selected elements from the sequence, you should use "Select Map" and "Load Map" to unpack the sequence prior to import.

Note: Your new composite page will be active the next time you log in, or by

re-initializing course