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Any file you create on your hard drive can be uploaded into your course (e.g., PowerPoint presentations or PDF files).

To upload a file from your hard drive into the course, do the following:

  1. Create the document and save it to your hard drive.

  2. Log in to the course to which you wish to add content.

  3. Select Course Editor on the Inline Menu or Edit course contents within Main Menu.

  4. Click on
    on the menu bar of the Course Editor screen.

  5. Type in the path to your document or click the
    button to find the the document on your hard drive. You can upload a single file (e.g., pdf, ppt etc.) or an archive file (zip and tar files are acceptable) from which multiple files can be extracted.

  6. Type the document title in the Title text box.

  7. Click the
    Import Content

Special Notes on importing Web Pages: If you have already created a web page outside LON-CAPA you can upload the images when you first upload the web page, in one of two ways. Either:

(a) upload the web page via: Course Editor - > Upload - > Upload File, and check the Upload embedded images/multimedia files if HTML file checkbox. You will them be prompted to upload the image files (as dependencies)


(b) Create a zip (or tar) file archive containing the web page and the images (e.g., in a sub-folder). Use:

Course Editor - > Upload - > Upload File

to upload the zip file. LON-CAPA will prompt you to decide what should be done with the content.

In general, there is no need for image/multimedia files to be loaded into the course content hierarchy if the images are linked from a Web Page. Instead, upload the web page(s) that contain the images, and then upload the images as dependencies. One limitation of this method currently, is that if you use the same linked content in many places, those file cannot be shared and must be duplicated for each page. If you upload a Web Page and forget to check to box to include embedded images/multimedia files, you can still upload the individually. See the section Help for more information about working with Web Page file dependencies.

NOTE: Your new file will be visible the next time you log in, or by

re-initializing course