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Although web pages used in a course may always be uploaded to Authoring Space, published, and then imported into a course (and that certainly would be the favored approach for web page content that is suitable for re-use in multiple contexts), there may be content which is better suited to upload directly to a single course.

For example, some content may logically really only belong in a single course. It may also be the case that some users may be granted privileges to edit course content, but not have an author or co-author role, which would allow them to publish content.

There are four ways to upload a web page (and any embedded dependencies, e.g., images etc.) directly to a course:

For the first three of these, the web page may contain multiple dependencies, e.g., images, applets, movies etc. By contrast, only one optional image file dependency is supported for the template-based "Simple Web Page",

When working with web pages uploaded directly to a course, you will find that the procedure for adding images and other embedded objects to a web page is different to that encountered when managing web pages in Authoring Space. LON-CAPA Web Page documents are stored differently than they might appear on a typical server.

Within LON-CAPA the Web Page and supporting image/multimedia are composed/uploaded via a single link on the course contents, instead of creating folders for the dependencies. Within LON-CAPA any subfolders are 'virtual', in the sense that any subfolders will be created automatically, based on the specified path (e.g., for images, based on the subfolders in the src attribute of the img tag).

The following procedure can be used to compose a web page online: