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If your institution can provide access to roster information for courses using LON-CAPA then your domain can offer automated enrollment once has been customized on each of the library servers in your domain which serves as a home server for one or more courses. The required customization is the creation of connections to rosters for institutional course sections providing enrollment to each LON-CAPA course. These connections can involve queries of database tables, in real time, or can involve retrieval from a data source which is only updated periodically.

There are four configuration options:

Auto-enrollment settings for each course consist of items set by a Domain Coordinator within the "Modify Course" area, and those items set in a course context from the "Automated Enrollment Manager" link in the "Manage Users" menu. This link is only displayed if auto-enrollment has been set to be active in the domain.

The items which must be set by a Domain Coordinator include:

Your institution may have policies in place to control who may have access to student information contained within course rosters. In such cases, assignment of an appropriate course owner in LON-CAPA may facilitate access to institutional rosters. When a course is first created the initial Course Coordinator chosen will be identified as the course owner. If, instead a course is created using an uploaded XML course description file, the XML file will include tags to define the username and domain of the course owner.

Settings which control auto-enrollment which are modifiable by a Course Coordinator are described in the Help help page.

The auto-enrollment process will update user information (name, e-mail address, studentID etc.) for any student who is being added to the course, but will not change it in other case (i.e., drops, section switches) should there be a difference between the values in the institutional roster and the values in the LON-CAPA classlist. To change user information for students already in the course, the Auto-update process must be run (see below).

Warnings will be written to the Auto-enrollment log file found in /home/httpd/perl/logs if a possible username change is detected. Although the username is the unique identifier in LON-CAPA, the studentID operates as an additional, mostly unique identifier. The same studentID may not be assigned to more than one user - if an existing studentID is assigned to adifferent user, the change will not occur, unless forced (there's a checkbox for that). A blank studentID can be assigned, and in this case multiple users can share the same studentID. StudentIDs are used for LON-CAPA grading of bubblesheets, and are also used to detect changes in username by the auto-enrollment and auto-update processes.

At present LON-CAPA does not support username changes, although this functionality will be supported in the future. In the meantime, what you must do for users who switch username mid-semester (assuming institutional authentication will no longer authenticate the user's old username) is to convert the authentication type in LON-CAPA for the user to "internal", set an initial password, make sure that permanent e-mail is set for the user, then e-mail the user the initial password, and ask them to use the "Forgot password?" link on the log-in page to change the password to something secure.