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LON-CAPA will send automatic e-mail to administrators/support staff under certain circumstances. The contact information data table can be used to provide e-mail addresses for receipt of these e-mails and to configure which types of e-mail should be sent to each address.

The types of e-mail are:

Definition of the default Admin e-mail address and the default Support e-mail address saved from the "Contact Information" screen supercede any definitions made when ./UPDATE is run to update to a new version of LON-CAPA. Addresses entered the first time ./UPDATE was run on the primary library server for the domain (i.e., when LON-CAPA was first installed) will continue to apply until the first "Save" of the Contact Information settings has occurred in the domain.

Two additional settings allow you to indicate whether error reports should be sent to the LON-CAPA developers at Michigan State University (as well as to the recipients selected in your domain), and the same for an e-mail reporting a completed upgrade to a new LON-CAPA version. The default is to send both types of e-mail to the developers.