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LON-CAPA will send automatic e-mail to administrators/support staff under certain circumstances. The contact information data table can be used to provide e-mail addresses for receipt of these e-mails and to configure which types of e-mail should be sent to each address.

The types of e-mail are:

Definition of the default Admin e-mail address and the default Support e-mail address saved from the "Contact Information" screen supercede any definitions made when ./UPDATE is run to update to a new version of LON-CAPA. Addresses entered the first time ./UPDATE was run on the primary library server for the domain (i.e., when LON-CAPA was first installed) will continue to apply until the first "Save" of the Contact Information settings has occurred in the domain.

Three additional settings allow you to specify:

  1. Whether error reports submitted by users should be sent to the core developer group at Michigan State University (as well as to the recipients selected in your domain).

  2. Whether an e-mail reporting a completed upgrade to a new LON-CAPA version should be sent to the core developer group.

  3. Whether an e-mail containing the nightly status report generated by loncron should be sent to the core developer group if the total error count exceeds a specified threshold.

The default is to send all three types of e-mail to the core developer group.

Settings for the nightly status check e-mail are also managed from the contact information screen.

Configuration of the "Ask helpdesk" web form, and who receives help request e-mail is also done from the screen used to set contact information.

Helpdesk requests - clicking the Help link displayed at the right side of the inline navigation bar at the top of a LON-CAPA page (unless the Remote Control is active) will display a Help Menu which includes an "Ask helpdesk" link. The "Ask helpdesk" link provides access to a web form which a user will complete and submit to request LON-CAPA support. The submission, which contains information about the user's browser, besides information provided by the user, will be sent as an e-mail.

Help requests submitted via the helpdesk form by a domain's users can be handled differently from requests submitted by users from other domains. If a user is from another domain, that domain's settings for helpdesk e-mail recipient will apply. However, in the case where a domain has not set that information, or the domain can not be contacted to retrieve it, then the fall-back is to use the settings for helpdesk requests for other (unconfigured) domains. For a domain's users, if institutional user types have been defined for the domain (see Default authentication/language etc. (Help), then helpdesk settings for e-mail recipients can be set for the different user types, which will override the defaults. When a help request is submitted the requester's user type will determine the recipients of the e-mail. The following can be set for the two classes of user (own domain, and other domains), as well as for the domain's user types.

Extra helpdesk form fields The user's e-mail address, and the message subject and description are always required fields in the web form. The following are additional fields which can be set to be one of: optional or not shown.

In the case of Name and Phone, the fields may also be set to required, and in the case of CC e-mail and File upload, those are only shown when the helpdesk web form is accessed by a user logged into LON-CAPA. If the File upload field is to be displayed, the allowed size of the upload can be specified (the default is 1.0 MB).