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To create an Option Response problem, create a new resource as described in section Help. This is a "problem" resource so the URL must end in ".problem". You should see a screen as in figure "Option Response Editor".

  1. In the drop-down option box as seen in figure Help, select Option Response Problem with N Concept Groups, where N is the number of Concept Groups you wish the problem to have, and click the New Problem button.

  2. Click the Edit button above the sample problem to enter edit mode.

    Figure 1: Option Response Editor

    You should see the Option Response page open up.

  3. Replace the text in the Text Block with text that explains the conditions for your problem.

  4. Locate the Max Number of Shown Foils element and type a number from 1 to 8 to display that number of questions. You cannot display more than one foil from each concept group, so this option will only reduce the number of foils displayed, if it is less than the number of concept groups in your Option Response problem.

  5. Now you must define the options the students can select. For each option you wish to add to the Option Response question, type the option into the Add new Option box in the Select Options section, then hit the Save Changes button. If you do not hit the Save Changes button, your option will not be selectable below. (You can delete unwanted options in the last step.)

  6. Now, you need to define the question foils. Look for the foil with the name "One". Type the question into the text box and select the correct option for that question from the Correct Option drop-down menu. Click Submit Changes to save this question foil. Repeat this step for all remaining foils.

  7. Locate the foils that are not being used. In their Delete menus, set the value to Yes. Once you've set the Delete menu value correctly for all the foils, click the Save Changes button.

  8. In the Hint area, provide a helpful hint for users who get the problem incorrect, and click the Save Changes button.

  9. Make sure all the options you want to delete are not used for any of your foils. If a deleted option is used in a foil, it will appear in a text box in the Correct Option area for that foil. To make the drop-down box reappear, type an option already defined in the Select Options field, and hit Submit Changes. A drop-down box will reappear. To delete the irrelevant options from the Option Response question, select that option from the Delete an Option drop down, and hit the Save Changes button. Do this for each option you wish to remove.