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You can also share files conditionally, that is only to a particular set of users. You can give access to all users of a particular domain, to users that are members of a course, or by specifying the usernames.

For each file, you can create multiple conditions. You can set access to a combination of more than one domain, course, or user.

To create conditions:

  1. Click on the link Add conditional access / Change Conditions.

  2. Add a condition (user based, domain based, or course based) by specifying the number of conditions to add.

  3. Press Proceed.

  4. Depending on what condition you choose, a screen will appear that allows you to set the parameters of the condition. There is an input field to specify the name of the domain/course/users that is/are allowed to access this file. Insert values for this parameter.

  5. The process of setting, editing and stopping access is similar to setting the public/pass-phrase access (Help).