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To use a spreadsheet in multiple courses, authors can create spreadsheet XML files in their authoring space. Published spreadsheets can be imported into courses. See Loading a Spreadsheet Definition from a Published File (Help). The spreadsheet syntax is illustrated by the following example demonstrating both text and formulas:

<field col=A row=0>'Available Points:'</field>
<field col=B row=0>&SUM('X*')</field>
<field col=C row=0>'Awarded Points:'</field>
<field col=D row=0>&SUM('Z*')</field> 

See Modifying the Spreadsheet (Help) for more information on programming cells. Very complex calculations can be performed in the cells. The file must be saved in authoring space with the extension .spreadsheet. Currently, a spreadsheet must be imported into authoring space as a .txt file and then renamed to a .spreadsheet. After it is published with the .spreadsheet extension, it can be imported into a course.