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If you have permission to edit a spreadsheet you will also have permission to save and load spreadsheet definition files.

Default Spreadsheets

There are three default spreadsheets, one for each level. These are called default_classcalc, default_studentcalc, and default_assesscalc. These are the starting spreadsheets for every class.

Modified Spreadsheets

When you modify a spreadsheet you begin working with an temporary copy. You may save the spreadsheet using the

Save as
button on the spreadsheet. Fill in a name and click on the
Save as
button. You may also use the
Save as & Make This Sheet the Default
button to set the current spreadsheet definition as the default for this level.

Loading a Spreadsheet Definition from a Published File

Using the Select Spreadsheet File link opens the LON-CAPA resource browser. Only files with the extension .spreadsheet can be selected. The spreadsheet definition file must be valid XML. See Authoring Spreadsheet Files (Help) for information on creating spreadsheet files.

Setting the Assessment Level Spreadsheets used to Calculate Grades

In the student level spreadsheet every assessment in the course has a spreadsheet definition file associated with it. The spreadsheet definition used for each assessment row is selected using a drop-down option selector in the Assessments column. Initially this spreadsheet is "Default", meaning the current default assessment spreadsheet will be used to compute the students grade. Also, a dropdown option selector is provided to set the assessment spreadsheet for each folder/sequence.

Changing the spreadsheet used for an assessment modifies the student level spreadsheet, so you must use the

Save as
button to save the current student spreadsheet.