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Guillermo Haro, Guillermo Haro, Was born on March 13, 1913 and died on April 26, 1988. Haro lived his childhood during the turbulent period of the Mexican Revolution and began his early studies in law. After discovering astronomy through the motivation of L. E. Erro, Haro left law and became his assistant. What followed were years of research and great discoveries of stellar proportions.

During 1943 and 1947 he went abroad to continue with his training and began to do research in astronomy at Harvard College Observatory, Case Observatory, of the University of Chicago and McDonald Observatory in Texas as a collaborator. He became director of the Observatory Astronómico de Tacubaya, the Instituto de Astoronomia and the Observatory Astronómico Nacional . He also started the project to establish the Observatory of San Pedro Mártir, Baja California in 1968 which now bears his name. He founded in 1951 the Boletin de Los Observatorios de Tonantzintla y Tacubaya were he was editor until 1983. During his career he held many more important titles.

As a passionate researcher Haro made numerous enormous scientific discoveries. Among these were the following: Herbig-Haro objects; Work on flare stars; Haro-Chavira Comet; blue galaxies with line emission; countless novae, supernovae and peculiar objects; a proposal on the formation and evolution of stars. This passion and meticulous work helped him advance ideas, further encourage young Mexicans in the study and placed Mexico on the astronomical map.

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