Rhinovirus 16, with view of the interior, colored by protein type

Movie #1 - Rotation around the y axis

MPEG Version (363K) Quicktime version (674K)

Movie #2 - Zoom inside the particle

MPEG Version (597K) Quicktime version (1440K)


Rhinovirus 16 illustrated with VP1 in blue, VP2 in green, VP3 in red, and VP4 in yellow (on the inside). Two pentamers have been removed so that the VP4 protein can be seen inside. Images were calculated on a Silicon Graphics 310 VGX Workstation (SGI) (R3000MIPS microprocessor)

Movie #1 created by Jean-Yves Sgro.
Movie #2 created by Stephan Spencer.

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1994 Jean-Yves Sgro and Stephan Spencer. Institute for Molecular Virology/ jsgro@facstaff.wisc.edu

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