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Many users use stand-alone editing programs such as Dreamweaver to create HTML files. To upload HTML files generated with such tools, you can use the Browse... button in the Authoring Space, locate your HTML file, and use the Upload File button to upload a HTML file in LON-CAPA. Remember to upload any local graphics your generated web pages may have referenced using similar procedures. The links to graphics in your html page must match the relative locations for the uploaded files.

To create a new html page using the Inline Menus, browse to the desired folder using the folder navigation links in the lower part of the authoring screen. Then select 'HTML file' from the new content dropdown menu on the right of the authoring space page as shown in the dropdown menu of the figure Help.

When you edit a web page, you will be presented with a plain text editor as shown in the figure Help. Clicking the link for the Rich Formatting displays the HTML WYSIWYG editor with buttons to help you create html entities with correct tags as shown in the figure Help. If the rich layout is not as you expect, look for the button to view/edit the source, and then manually make adjustments to the html tags. Note that buttons are available to select graphics to include in the HTML file. Buttons are also provided to create/edit links.

To create equations, you can use the 'Edit Math' button in the plain text editor, or you can type LaTeX equations directly in the <m></m> tags in the plain text editor. The 'Edit Math' button launches a pop-up window containing the DragMath equation editor (Java plugin supprt in user's browser required). The pop-up includes a "Render LaTeX" button which can be clicked to insert the math expression composed in Drag Math as LaTeX within < m > $ $ < /m > in the file editor in the original window.

Note that convenient help links for Greek Symbols, Other Symbols, and Output Tags immediately above the editor in the figures. Also note the link to check spelling below the editor.

The URL of the page in the root of your space would look something like
http://(your library server)/priv/domain/username/new_resource.html .

Figure 1: Plain Text HTML Editor

Figure 2: Rich Text HTML Editor