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To create a Radio Response problem, create a new resource as described in section Help. This is a "problem" resource so the URL must end in ".problem". You should see a screen as in figure Help.

Figure 1: Radio Response Creation Form

You will need to specify the question text and foil statements.

  1. Select a radio response template from the menu. You will be presented a form such as in the figure Help.

  2. In the Text Block at the top of the problem, remove the sample text and type the question for your problem. Ex: "What is two plus two?"

  3. Locate the Response: One of N statements element. In the Max Number of Shown Foils text box, place the number of foils you wish to display to the student.

  4. Locate Foil 1. Remove the text that is in the text box and put the correct answer for the problem in the Text Block. For example, "Four." Make sure this is set to true in the Correct Option field.

  5. Below it, you will see Foil 2. Remove the text in the text box and put an incorrect answer for the problem. Ex: "Purple." Make sure this is set to false in the Correct Option field.

  6. Repeat the previous step until you've filled in all of the other incorrect answers you wish to offer the students.

  7. Once you've filled in all of the incorrect answers, delete any extra foils or change the Correct Options on the other foils to Unused.

  8. Figure 2: Hint Element

  9. Scroll down to the Hint element. See the figure Help Type some text that will help students when they answer incorrectly. You may delete the hint by selecting Yes from the Delete drop-down box.

  10. Click the Submit Changes button located at the top of the frame. If you do not do this, your changes will not be saved.

The Correct Option drop down box controls whether or not a given answer will be accepted as a correct answer. If it is set to true, that answer will be considered a correct answer. Any number of foils can be marked true, but only one will be shown to any given student. If it is set to false, it will be considered an incorrect answer. If it is set to Unused, the system will not use that foil.

Example code for a radiobuttonresponse:
<radiobuttonresponse randomize="yes">
    <foil location="random" value="true" name="right1">
      <startouttext />This is the right answer.<endouttext />
    <foil location="random" value="false" name="wrong1">
      <startouttext />This is the first wrong answer.<endouttext />
    <foil location="random" value="false" name="wrong2">
      <startouttext />This is the second wrong answer.<endouttext />

See section Help for more information on <radiobuttonresponse>.