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The portfolio allows you to store and retrieve files on the LON-CAPA server. There are two main purposes of using a portfolio: (a) to upload documents that could then be submitted in response to an essay/drop box/task, and (b) to upload documents. Files stored in your portfolio can only be acessed by you, unless you set access ontrols for them which allow other users to view them (See: Sharing File Help). By storing files in the portfolio space of LON-CAPA you can access these files from any computer with an internet/web connection.

By default every user on the LON-CAPA system has a quota of 20 MB of portfolio space. Each file you add reduces your quota. However, portfolio submitted files can be modified by the grader and then uploaded back to the student, this will apear as a new 'version' of the file for the student but does not count against their quota.

There is also a group portfolio with a quota that is set by the group creator (typically a course coordinator). Group portfolios have the same functionalities as student portfolio. The main difference being that a number of people have access to group portfolios. It may be the case that some group members have different access to other group members. Once again, this is controlled by the group creator.

Your portfolio works much like file storage on your computer. You may create directories and subdirectories to organize your files (See: Creating Directory Help). After creating a directory, you must enter the directory (See: Changing Directory Help) and upload your file (See: Adding Files Help) to the current directory.

To retrieve a file, find the directory that contains the file then click on the filename (See: Opening File Help). The file will be downloaded to your computer.

You may share your files by changing the file permissions. You can also find/read other people's shared files by going to the other person's personal information page.

Also see: Deleting File (Help), Renaming File (Help), File Catalogs (Help) and The file list (Help).