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There are multiple steps for creating a bridge task and setting the bridge task up so that the students is able to use it. The flow of the bridge task creation process is shown in figure Help.

Figure 1: Bridge Task creation flowchart

There are two ways of creating the bridge task. The first method is to directly edit the XML file being used (See Bridge Task XML Editing Help). The second method is to use the LON-CAPA online edit mode (See Bridge Task Mode Editing Help).

Once the bridge task is created and published, the course coordinator must insert the resource in the course's document list (See Setting Up Bridge Task Help). The course coordinator may also create slots to allow for multiple place/time the bridge task may be opened or to allow for multiple separate attempts at the bridgetask (See Using Slots in Bridge Task Help). As with any resource, the map it is in may use conditionals to control access to the resources based on other information in the course. (For example, the section of a user, the passing of a prior bridgetask, etc.)