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When you create a new problem as in the figure Help, LON-CAPA will offer to you example templates that are highly recommended for beginners. A subset of the problem templates is illustrated by the multiple choice selections shown in the figure Help. Click the Example link next to menu item to see an example problem. Once you make a selection, you can use the template and edit the content to convert the template into your own problem. By default, the template problem will be displayed in the problem testing mode with a header shown in the figure Help. The problem statement (not shown here) appears below the testing menu. The menu will be described later. Click the Edit button in the lower left to open the colorful editor. The EditXML button is for advanced users.

The menu for the colorful editor is shown in the figure Help. The button functions are:

An example of the colorful editor is shown in Figure Help. Each box in the colorful editor has a purpose, and the boxes are colored by their purpose. Note that the current editor includes more space between the blocks than shown in many of the figures in this manual. Also, the newer editor has an 'Insert' dropdown box between blocks so that you can insert content easily.

While several problem types are covered in this manual, in LON-CAPA all problems involve similar XML elements. The menu for the XML editor is shown in the figure Help. Note that the editor includes help links at the top. The Edit button starts the colorful editor. The Edit Math button adds latex math. The other buttons are the same as the colorful editor buttons. If you find yourself uncertain about the name or function of an LON-CAPA xml tag, consult the reference in section Help.

Figure 1: Multiple Choice Problem Menu

Figure 2: Problem Testing Menu

Figure 3: Colorful Problem Editor Menu

Figure 4: XML Problem Editor Menu