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Rhinovirus Movies

Rhinovirus reconstructed as a 3D image from electron microscopy micrographs of frozen-hydrated samples. The micrographs were computerised and a 3D image deduced from the various projections offered by the set of 2D images.

While the virus is rotating it is possible to see the 5-fold and 3-fold axes quite clearly.

The surface is at about 25 Angstrom resolution.

This series of images was actually my very first quick time movie, made for an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It represents rhinovirus as colored by its proteins. VP1 is blue and sits around the icosahedral 5-fold axis of symmetry, VP2 is green and VP3 is red.

Rhinovirus surface radially depth cued. The closer to the surface the whiter the color, the lower the darker blue. Antigenic sites have been colored in magenta. Antigenic sites were determined by escape mutation of virus plated with various antibodies.

Rhinovirus 16 instead of rhinovirus 14 but at this resolution you can't tell the difference! The structure of rhinovirus is shown with 2 pentamers missing so as to see the VP4 protein on the interior.

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