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Bridge Tasks (BTs) are open-ended, performance-based assessments. BTs are based on a mastery-model of assessment and evaluated on a pass-fail basis. You may use BTs in a variety of ways, from supporting the scoring of a final project, to individual lab assignments. See Introduction to Bridge Task (Help) for a more in-depth explanation to Bridge Tasks. The main features of a bridge task (Help) section gives the differences between BTs and other assessments.

An author creates a bridge task either by writing the XML code or by using the edit mode and publishing it. A course coordinator must then place the Bridge Task resource in his/her course's document list. The section on Bridge Task Creation (Help) describes how to author as well as set up these Bridge Tasks.

Once the bridge task is created and published, the course coordinator must insert the resource in the course's document list (See Setting Up a Bridge Task Help). The course coordinator may also create slots to limit the place/time the bridge task may be opened (See Using Slots in Bridge Task Help). This resource may also be placed inside conditionals resources so that it is accessible only after a particular condition has been met (see Bridge Task and Conditional Resources Help).

Once the course coordinator has set up the Bridge Task the student is able to open and use the bridge task. A Bridge Task hand-in process using portfolio files may be used by the instructors or students if they wish (See Handing In Bridge Task Files Help).