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Rhinovirus Animations (QuickTime/MPEG/Animated GIFs)

Rhinovirus 14

Cryo-electron microscopy(*)

Color coded by protein (X-ray)(*)

Molecular surface, radially depth cued, (X-ray)(*)

Radially depth cued, antigenic sites highlighted (X-ray)(*)

Complexed with neutralizing antibodies, (cryo)(*)

Complexed with the ICAM-1 receptor, (cryo)(*)
Rhinovirus 16

Shown on 20/20 on abc TV.(X-ray)(*)

View of the interior (X-ray)(*)

(*)X-ray: as solved by X-ray crystallography
   cryo: as solved by cryo-electron microscopy and image reconsruction

Electron Micrographs

  • Electron Microscopy of a picornavirus like rhinovirus
  • Electron Microscopy of other viruses

    Interactive / Files

  • PDB Files for Molecules R US
  • KineMAGE file of rhinovirus 14

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