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People and Plants Handbook

The People and Plants Handbook is a source of information on applying ethnobotany to conservation and community development. It is designed for people who work in the field, including park managers, foresters, students, researchers, cultural promoters, and members of non-governmental, governmental and indigenous organizations.

The first three issues in English are now out of print, but are available on People and Plants Online. Spanish editions of the first three issues are available in hard copy, and will be put online in 1999.  

: Gary Martin or Fatima Zahmoun,
BP 262, Marrakesh-Medina, Morocco; Fax +212.4.329544,
gj_martin@compuserve.com or peopleandplants@cybernet.net.ma
  • Issue 1Keeping in touch: journals, networks, newsletters, organizations and professional societies, Gary J. Martin and Alison L. Hoare, editors, January 1996 
  • Issue 2 - Protecting rights: legal and ethical implications of ethnobiology, Gary J. Martin, Alison L. Hoare and Darrell A. Posey, editors, July 1996 
  • Issue 3 - Returning results: community and environmental education, Gary J. Martin and Alison L. Hoare, editors, March 1997 
  • Issue 4 - Measuring diversity: methods of assessing biological resources and local knowledge.  Gary J. Martin, Alison L. Hoare and Agnes Lee Agama, editors.
  • Issue 5 - Cultivating the forest: development of agroforestry systems. Gary J. Martin, Agnes Lee Agama and Roger Leakey, editors. In preparation.
  • Issue 6 -  Managing Resources: community-based conservation. Gary J. Martin, Agnes Lee Agama and Anthony B. Cunningham, editors. In preparation.
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