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Vendors of sal resin
(Shorea robusta, Dipterocarpaceae) in a rural marketplace in West Bengal, India.
©Gary J. Martin

What’s New

If you would like to learn of recent additions to People and Plants Online, this is the place to look. The What’s New page, updated regularly, will chart our progress in adding Discussion Papers, People and Plants Handbook issues and Working Papers to the current resources on our website. In addition, you will find the titles of new items posted on the Notice Board.

On occasion, we will tell you what is new in the People and Plants Initiative. For some of the events we organize – workshops, courses, exchanges and research projects – we will provide short summaries produced in collaboration with participants. To complement these perspectives, we will post stories that have appeared in the press about our work. On occasion, we plan to feature longer stories that we write about our field projects in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

As these announcements and stories become dated, we will transfer them to the Archive of People and Plants Online.

(This page last updated on 26 February 1999).

Additions to People and Plants Online
  • 16 January 2000: Additions to Lessons Learned

    People and Plants applied ethnobotany project at Ayubia National Park (ANP), Pakistan by Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas
  • 14 January 2000: Launching of Handbook 5
  • 7 August 1999: Launching of Working Paper 4
  • 23 June 1999: Additions to Discussion Papers

    Ethics, biodiversity and new natural product development, A.B. Cunningham , 1993
  • 15 April 1999: Launching of Discussion Papers

    People and Plants Online now carries an online version of Sarah Laird’s discussion paper,
    Fair Deals in the Search for New Natural Product, originally published by WWF in May 1995. In the near future, we will post an online version of Tony Cunningham’s Ethics, Ethnobiological Research, and Biodiversity, published by WWF in April 1993, and reprinted as Ethics, Biodiversity, and Natural Products Development in September 1996
  • 15 February 1999: Launching of Africa page

    Tony Cunningham and Robert Höft, regional coordinators of the Africa
    regional programme of the People and Plants Initiative, have launched the Africa page of People and Plants Online. It includes a description of the Africa regional programme, and an online version of the African Ethnobotany Network, a document which includes an overview of African ethnobotany, a bibliography of selected references and a directory of ethnobotanists working in Africa.

  • December 15 1998: Launching of lessons learned

    Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas yildiz@isem.univ-montp2.fr and Alan Hamilton ahamilton@wwfnet.org, editors of the lessons learned section of People and Plants Online, have launched a call for contributions. They are interested in case studies that illustrate specific lessons and general principles that can be drawn from applied ethnobotany. Further description and guidelines of their project are available under lessons learned. The first case study - on Kenyan woodcarving - has now been posted, and new case studies will be appearing in the near future.
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