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Lama Dengal and Amchi Tshampa, authorities on Tibetan medicine, work with the People and Plants Initiative in Dolpa, Nepal. ©Yildiz Thomas

The People and Plants Initiative
Ethnobotany, Conservation and Community Development

WWF International, UNESCO and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew created the People and Plants Initiative in 1992. We carry out applied research projects, community workshops, exchanges and training courses with young ethnobotanists from developing countries who are interested in conservation and community development. In order to disseminate results and information, we produce videos and publications, including methods manuals, working papers and the People and Plants Handbook.

Resources Links to sections on materials produced by the People and Plants Initiative.
About Us  Background information, participating institutions, objectives and contact information.
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Notice Board  General announcements on awards, courses, events, positions, projects, publications and websites, etc.  
Opinion Forum for posting viewpoints and exploring issues with colleagues
FAQ  Frequently asked questions about ethnobotany, conservation and community development.
Archive      Previous announcements featured on the What's New page.
Feedback  Comment forms, questionnaires and requests for information.
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