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      Alice Bergfeld - Rolf Bergmann - Peter v. Sengbusch

Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook

International Edition - Contents

botany-online.org is still under construction. So far, the first 45 chapters have been translated from German into English covering all plant anatomy, classic genetics, organic chemistry and plant biochemistry, intercellular communication, interactions between plants, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, evolution, and a part of ecology. The translation of the remaining topics proceeds continuously. Some of the links will therefore still lead you to German information units.

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Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook
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Table of Contents








Anatomy of Cells and Tissues




Classic Genetics




Molecules and Molecular Reactions in Plant Cells

To see 3D structures you need to install a CHIME Plugin




Intercellular Communication

  • Interactions between Cells
  • Growth, Differentiation, Pattern Formation and Translocation
  • Protoplasts and Tissue Cultures as Models for the Study of Plant Development
  • Plant Responses to Light: Phototaxis, Photomorphogenesis, and Photoperiodism
  • Phytohormones (Plant Hormones) and other Growth Regularors
  • Growth Movements, Turgor Movements , and Circadian Rhythmics




Interactions between Plants and Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses








The Plant Kingdom: An Overview

  • Systematik und Taxonomie: Methoden und Regeln zur Klassifikation von
    • Algen
    • Pteridophyta (Farnähnliche Pflanzen und Farne)
      • Hans KERP: A History of Palaeozoic Forests
      • Hans KERP: The Rhynie Chert and its Flora
  • Bryophyta (Moose)
  • Gymnospermae
    • Y. OGURA: History of discovery of spermatozoids in Ginkgo biloba and Cycas revoluta
  • Angiospermae: Magnoliophytina (Überblick)
  • Magnoliidae, Hamamelididae, Caryophyllidae
  • Dilleniidae
  • Rosidae
  • Asteridae
  • Liliopsida - Monokotyledonae (Monokotyledonen)










  • W. BARTHLOTT, J. MUTKE & G. KIER - BIOMAPS - Biodiversity Mapping
  • W. BARTHLOTT, C. NEINHUIS - High resolution scanning electron microscopy of epicuticular waxes and its systematic significance *** Correlation between ultrastructure, wettability and contamination: The Lotus Effect *** Purity of the sacred lotus, or escape from contamination in biological surfaces
  • Erhard KRANZ, Petra von WIEGEN, Hartmut QUADER, and Horst LÖRZ - Central cell fertilization and endosperm development in vitro
  • K.-P. KELBER: Links for Palaeobotanists



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