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Positions offered  

Ethnobotanist Required for Ganzi TAP Ecotourism Project

The Care & Share Foundation (CSF), a UK charity, has been invited to assist Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (Sichuan Province, PR China) with an ecotourism project based around the "Luoxu Nature Reserve". The reserve, which is situated next to the Yangtze River in Shiqu County, comprises about 420 km2 and is recognized by IUCN. CSF has been involved in development and relief projects in Ganzi Prefecture since 1992 and has developed excellent links with Chinese and Tibetan officials and researchers at all levels.

During this summer (from about 17 July 1999 to 21 August 1999 ) CSF plan to spend some four weeks conducting a baseline study that will explore the feasibility of using ecotourism and agroforestry as a means of supporting nature conservation and community development. Given the recent Yangtze floods and felling ban, this research is welcomed by the local authorities. Some 1 million Tibetans may lose their livelihood as a result of the logging and grazing bans. It is hoped that the baseline study will lead to the establishment of a "model project", which can be replicated in the other 12 nature reserves in Ganzi Prefecture.

The baseline study will be subdivided into eight parts: 1) Wildlife; 2) Botany and Ethnobotany; 3) Ecotourism feasibility; 4) Lodge adaption; 5) Outdoor pursuits; 6) Agroforestry and biocomposite research; 7) Marketing; and 8) Training. It is anticipated that the Botany and Ethnobotany study will include: a) Identifying the main plant species and vegetational communities in the nature reserve; b) Identifying very rare or endangered species in the reserve; c) Identifying species suitable for commercialization, close to the reserve; d) Identifying species of importance to the local people (using Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques); e) Identifying (in conjunction with a pharmacologist) species that have medicinal potential, in or close to the reserve; f) Demarcating areas of the reserve that need protection, or conservation; g) Identifying measures to enhance tree or plant conservation; h) Providing input for a Reserve management plan; I) Providing input for conservation training; and j) Providing input for a report.

CSF would like to recruit an ethnobotanist/botanist who has expertise or interest in Eastern Tibet/Western Sichuan and who is keen to participate in the baseline study this summer. Ganzi is a very unique part of the world that has remained mostly closed to the "West" throughout history. It would provide a unique opportunity to follow in the foot steps of previous researchers and to interface with a little studied people (The Khamba Tibetans). We are hoping that a Chinese ethnobotanist will be able to join us.

CSF is a small UK charity, and although we may be able to secure subsidized air travel and sponsorship, participants would be expected to fund themselves (approximate cost GBP 1700). Contact: Dr Mel Richardson Mel_Richardson@compuserve.com or John Studley John_Studley@compuserve.com


Positions requested 

If you are looking for a position in ethnobotany, conservation or community development, please submit a one-page curriculum vita and a summary proposal of what you are interested in doing. The People and Plants Online Web site manager, in consultation with the advisory committee, will post appropriate requests.

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