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Agroecosystem management 

http://www.ids.ac.uk/eldis/isg/isg.html is a site on an International Support Group that seeks to link local experience in agroecosystem management 




Assessing Progress Toward Sustainability 


IUCN has a web site that describes monitoring and evaluation materials from the Assessing Progress Toward Sustainability program. 


  • Marie-Claire Garavelli, IUCN - M&E Initiative, 28, rue Mauverney, CH-1196 Gland, Switerland;
    Tel. +41.22.9990269, Fax +41.22.9990025,
    e-mail mcg@hq.iucn.org 


Chemical constituents of medicinal plants


An interesting Web address to access information on the chemical constituents of a great number of medicinal plants. 


Development research reporting service 

This site welcomes you to ID21: the new Development Research reporting service. Academics, consultants and NGOs based in the UK produce a constant stream of development research findings. Yet all too often, those who make or implement development policy are unaware of this new information and its policy implications.  Recent developments in information technologies can help to bridge this knowledge gap. The UK Department for International Development is backing an Internet-based system which links development research and researchers directly to policymakers and development practitioners around the world through a new web site. Hosted by the Institute of Development Studies, the initiative is known as ID21 - or Information for Development in the 21st Century.  Its key feature is a searchable online collection of short, one-page (500-word) digests of the latest social and economic research studies across 30 key topic fields. 

But many users around the world have only slow or intermittent Internet access and are therefore unable to browse the World Wide Web as freely as they would like.  Other users simply prefer e-mail.  To cater for these users we have created an email newsletter called ID21NEWS. 

ID21NEWS brings you regular updates of the latest research findings that have been added to the ID21 collection.  A short summary tells you about each study and a clickable web-link takes you directly to the full text of the digest on the web, thereby saving you from navigating a series of web pages.  We are currently developing a system to enable you to request each digest automatically via email. This should become available later this year. 

To subscribe to ID21NEWS, simply send a blank email message to: id21news@ids.ac.uk . In the subject field include the words: subscribe id21news. To unsubscribe, follow the same procedure but substitute the word "unsubscribe" in place of "subscribe". 

We hope you will e-mail us at id21@sussex.ac.uk   to let us know if you like ID21 or if you have practical suggestions for making our online services more useful or accessible to you in the future. The ID21 team will also continue to produce the established research digest Insights, which now also appears on the ID21 Web-site.  If you wish to be put on the mailing list for the paper version of Insights please email us. 


  • Alistair Scott, Internet Coordinator, ID21, International Institute for Environment & Development, 3 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H 0DD UK;
    Tel. +44.171.3882117, Fax +44.171.3882826
    e-mail mailbox@iied.org (general enquiries) 
    URL: http://www.iied.org/ 


Directory of Selected Tropical Forestry Journals and Newsletters


A website that contains a press release by Christine Haugen (Director, Green Horizons International) with instructions for ordering a free copy of the Directory of Selected Tropical Forestry Journals and Newsletters, 2nd edition, which contains 449 entries with websites and e-mail addresses and an appendix of 360 additional websites of related interest.


  • Christine Haugen, Director,
    Green Horizons International,
    PO Box 22046, Alexandria, VA 22304 USA;
    Tel./fax +1.703.3705951,


Mesoamerican languages 


Terry Kaufmann and John Justeson have created a website on which to post the materials produced by their project, which they call the Project for the Documentation of the Languages of MesoAmerica (PDLMA), or the Snake Jaguar Project (Proyecto "Tigre Culebra").We will eventually post not only dictionaries but also text collections and grammars and articles, but for the moment what the site has is two dictionaries: Oluta Mijean (by Roberto Zavala Maldonado) and San Miguel Chimalapa Soke (by Heidi A. Johnson). 

Both the United States National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society sponsor the research, which is expected to produce about 25 dictionaries over the next few (approximately 10) years. 



Awards, fellowships and grants


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